Welcome to evangelical free church of Uusikaupunki. Our church is called LÄHDE (Spring). We are local for from denomation called Evangelical Free Church of Finland (www.svk.fi).

Our church is flowing life. Our passion is Jesus. And our dream is that this passion would spread via Holy Spirit power in us to Uusikaupunki, Vakka-Suomi region and even to ends of the world.  

We would like to welcome you to step in to and get to know us deeper. Our church location is Sepänkatu 3 (click address to see a map).

Our main events are Sunday service on Sundays at 5pm (17:00) and prayer night / bible study on Wednesdays at 6pm (18:00).

You can listen our sermonpodcasts (in finnish) in here: lahdeseurakunta.net/live


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Our church helpministry is organized via association called ViaDia Uusikaupunki ry. ViaDia Uusikaupunki is part of nationwide ViaDia and our goal is to exist for God and neighbors.

Our helpministry via ViaDia Uusikaupunki serves fre at charge lunch on Fridays at 12am (12:00). More information will available (in finnish) by clicking ViaDia's logo.




Markus ja Hanna Rokosa and  Lahja Peppiina are in Bulgaria working with youth living in and leaving from foster homes and cares. Work includes spreading gospel, and helping youths to manage their lives after they've left from foster homes and cares.  

They are also working with local Viadia Vratsa. ViaDia's goal is to give jobs for locals (espcially women) by making handcrafts etc. 

By supporting Rokosa family we are supporting their vision to be God's hands in Bulgaria.

(Tel Aviv metropolitn area)


Tehilat Yah is a messianic fellowship founded in Rishon Letzion in 2008.

The congregation is messianic – they respect and celebrate the Jewish holidays and feasts their Messiah celebrated in this land and came to fulfil.

Tehilat Yah is non-denominational: anyone who believes in the sacrifice Yeshua wrought for him on the cross, received Him into his heart (according to Romans 10:17), and professes Him as his Lord and Savior, is welcome to be part of them.

Services are in Hebrew; simultaneous (headset) translation is offered to Russian and English-speakers (translation into Finnish, German and Spanish is also available if needed).

Their calling is:
1) "unity in diversity" (Ephesians 2:11-21).
2) to spread the good news and make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20).
3) to bring God’s love, healing and freedom to those in need (Isaiah 61:1-3).